Third Grade Games and Activities
Number Sense
  • Arithmetic Four - students practices addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Choose whole number addition hard OR whole number subtraction medium OR whole number multiplication and whole number division easy
  • Hungry Frog students match the answer with the problem. (Parameters can be adjusted to very large number equations in all operations)
  • Number Puzzles solve the puzzle by creating that same sum on each side with the given numbers
  • Line Jumper - Number line activities
  • Broken Calculator
  • Number Line
  • Matho students are timed as they solve multiplication basic facts trying to get a Matho on a bingo board
  • Hidden Picture a picture is hidden under products and revealed as students answer basic multiplication equations correctly
  • Table Mountain Challenge students select a multiplier (or can choose mixed review) and solve 20 basic fact problems climbing toward the top of the mountain once they reach the top they can print a dated report listing the problems they missed (There is even 2 player Table Mountain Challenge)
  • Factor Game (good for reinforcing the word factor) students pick a number then pick all of the factors of that number on a game board.
  • Product Game - fun interactive game that exercises your skill with factors and multiples.
  • Timed Tables - Select your table and then try to answer 20 questions correctly in under 1 minute. Teachers this site provides a printable feedback sheet.
  • Matching Game students match the products with the factors
  • Magnetic Numbers (challenging) a basic multiplication facts activity
  • Beat the Computer students race the computer to solve multiplication facts
  • Baseball Multiplication Game students use dice to make multiplication facts
  • Speed Math- Addition and Subtraction
  • Tangrams with flips and turns
  • Tangram Challenges helps with geometric shape terms
  • Symmetry a tutorial of rotational and mirror symmetry with moving examples, but the Test Bite has a lot of questions
  • Symmetry- pictures, interactive projects, descriptions
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